Thank You

Let me begin by saying thank you to all who made this ‘trip of a lifetime’ possible. First & foremost to the Lilly Foundation for providing a grant to underwrite the cost of this trip. My family and I will forever be impacted by our time spent traveling outside the country on this sabbatical.

I’m also grateful to the love & support of the people of First Lutheran Church for their encouragement and willingness to do their part, again, to make this trip available to my family. My prayer and hope is, as the grant instructions suggest, that this pilgrimage is not just for the pastor and family, but that we all grow in faith and clarity of purpose and mission in the church.

Furthermore, there are many family and friends who have expressed joy & support at the onset of this trip which helps only to ease our anxieties as we venture overseas into mostly unchartered waters as a family. We are excited, nervous, overwhelmed and humbled…all wrapped into one. Sometimes I find it amazing that we’re able to sleep through the night!

To God alone be the glory for this wonderful opportunity.

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