Finding Your Place In The World

A couple, one tall the other short, holding hands walking down a New York City street on their way to (most likely) work. A father and son, both in shorts, walking leisurely and talking about a paintball happening. A young woman plugged in running at a good clip on the same sidewalk in Brooklyn. In fact, it seems that all the single people (not walking with someone) has their earbuds in, listening to music or sound from somewhere else. The streets are all lined with cars parked one after the other, each in their ‘place.’ Y=There are few, if any, open parking spaces. While this is all new to me, a visitor, this typical morning scene is mundane, normal, the usual.

I walk into a small shop with 5 or 6 tables crammed next to the window. The counters are coolers filled with deli type goods, pickles, onions, olives and all the rest. It’s clear this is a small place where locals can grab a quick bite, mostly in sandwich form according to the menus on the wall. The usual sale, based on my brief observation, is an egg sandwich and a  cup of coffee. People waiting patiently, only to leave with a purpose, on their way to tackle the day.

It occurs to me that people, all of them, are coming from somewhere called Home, on their way to somewhere called the Day. The radio blares overhead, “Like a small boat on the ocean, Sending big waves into motion,” the opening words to Rachel Platten’s hit song. All of us, myself included, are trying to find our place in the world. To feel loved, to be somebody, important and indispensable. To matter  to oneself an to any others who would willingly do so. Is this not the fundamental, univesal goal for all of humanity – who am I, why am I here, what differece does one more life – my life – make?

Reflection: What is your life purpose? Consider your hopes and dreams, the stuff that makes you happy  or the times you’re able to lose yourself in activity. Those are good clues to follow.

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