El Camino: Day 3- Wednesday

We had the most amazing lunch in a small village at a place that looked very much like an English pub. As is common, most eating establishments have rooms upstairs or nearby to host pilgrims who might happen to stop at their particular locale. The owner spoke some English, but most Spanish. I find it uplifting to be able to speak Spanish again, though I’m certain my grammar stinks and I’ve forgotten many words. But I find myself translating often for my family and for the most part the locals seem to understand what I’m trying to say.

The food we ate was locally grown and typical of the zone in which we found ourselves. While we tried to eat at such authentic places, it’s clear there are a lot of ‘chain’ or packaged places where people have simply set up shop to make a go of it. But this lunch stop was simply divine. Irish music played in the background while a silent movie was shown of pilgrims on the Camino. It was peaceful and refreshing. It was clear the patron honored pilgrims by his service and cooking. A reminder to me that anyone can (& should??) receive strangers or sojourner if they so chose, but that this is both a calling and a gift to do it well.

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