El Camino de Santiago

Walking & Writing on El Camino

My apologies for not having begun this section of writing sooner  for the family trek on El Camino de Santiago. I’ve begun to realize again and again that the challenges of staying in touch (as well as tending to matters back home) while on sabbatical parallel the juggling routines of normal life. Pilgrimage or not, sabbatical or not, there are commitments of sorts that follow you wherever you are. So on the Camino, after a half or full day’s walk, one needs rest, food, to settle down…then plan for the next day. From one town to the next, the cell coverage may or may not work, and the same for the internet. Mind you, these are not bad challenges at all, but I feel they must be noted so people back home aren’t left wondering why more pictures and writings haven’t been posted with greater consistency. Add to this the unforeseen realities of not feeling well, which is the case for one of my kids today. While Carmel & Eliah forged ahead on foot, Ezrie is resting and we’ll find an alternate transport to our next resting place.

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