El Camino: Day 5 – Friday

One of the longest days yet, 20+ km in all. Thankfully, the clouds were out in full force, making the climbs and drops through the hillside more palatable. At one point it looked as though it may rain but at best only a few tears were shed. Ezrie & I were the last to leave but we soon caught and passed both Carmel and her friend, and later Eliah and her friend. To Ezrie’s credit, following a day of feeling crappy, sleeping as much as possible, and eating hardly anything, she & I kept a healthy pace the entire day. We weren’t in a rush but neither of us felt a need to slow down nor stop to eat…so we didn’t.

While there were several hills to navigate, I had the sense that they didn’t compare to those from the prior day given the stories shared at dinner last night. It is amazing to note the varying trees and flora along the way, which seem to echo the varying types of paths upon which we trod. At times we walked through quaint wooded paths while at other times we peaked to wonderful panoramic views of where we’d been and where we’d be going next. At other times we found ourselves penned in by stone walls that separated the fields of local farmers and their dairy cows. In fact, most of today, even in the villages, seemed like one long walk through dairy land. I don’t know what my fellow pilgrms did who found such aromas disagreeable.

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