El Camino: Day 4 – Thursday

Ezrie & I were sick and ended up taking a taxi to our next resting spot, missing out on perhaps the most rigorous days of the trip. Somewhere around 20km and lots of ups and downs. While Ez & I caught up on sleep Carmel was making friends with a friendly woman from Australia who seemed to know half the people on the trail. Somewhere during the day Eliah was introduced to another woman from Australia with whom they walked and shared the better part of the day. And as often happens, plans were made to continue to walk together the following day.

Recovery is always necessary at the end of the day. Especially on a day like today. The place we stayed was a small village on a knoll that seemed to exist solely for the pilgrims on El Camino. It was interesting, if not somewhat concerning, to see so many people walking slowly and/or hobbling around. I’m sure aspirin was taken liberally, as was the beer and wine flowing freely. It’s time like this, shared community pain and struggle, where people seem to open up a bit more than even walking on the trail. Everyone knows there was only one reason why you’d meet in a place like this and that was to have walked the last section of El Camino. I imagine many friends were made on this particular evening.

When the sun set, the temperature dropped to a coolness that was welcomed by all. While still in shorts, I made sure to where my fleece top as an extra layer. I’m sure tomorrow morning will be even cooler.

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